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Who we are

Communicating science for more than 25 years
Publimarket is a communications consultancy specialised in strategy development and execution. The continuous stream of innovations and scientific insights is the inspiration for our work and the core of our interest. We advise consortiums, companies and institutes on appropriate strategies and tools to identify and engage with stakeholders, disseminate scientific results and build communities.


We guide decision makers and organisations through a strategic communication process by:
- clarifying objectives;
- translating complex matters into clear messages;
- developing the right corporate identity and effective branding.


Areas of expertise
Life sciences, nanotechnology, personalised medicine, systems biology, bioinformatics, forensics, sustainable energy, security and innovating justice.


Illuminating ideas of science and innovation
to deliver impact;
- to stimulate co-creation;
- to transform perceptions;
- to initiate new business.


What makes us one of a kind
operating in multi-sided niche market of Emerging technologies;
- dedicated & passionate communication experts in-house;
- highly diversified team, including R&D associates and partners;
- extensive and broad network.

What we do

Strategic communications
Before communicating with the outside world, you need to be clear about certain seemingly simple (but often very difficult) matters. Who you are, what you are doing, who you are doing it for, and why. By working with you to formulate unambiguous answers to these questions, we develop an authentic corporate identity, an understandable mission, a clear positioning and a well-defined target group. We then advise you on appropriate strategies and tools for disseminating these key elements.


We deliver strategies to:
identify and engage with stakeholders;
- build communities and new networks;
- disseminate scientific results.


Dedicated project management
We advise on the most effective communication channels, given your financial resources. Making the right choices is not only crucial to the success of your communication efforts, but also for your budget management. meet our team.


Our services
All our services are backed by many years' experience, a passion for our job, and meticulous attention to detail.


Project management based on developed communication strategy
Corporate house style and branding
- Stakeholder mapping and CRM setup
- Online communications and Social media management
- Conferences & Networking events
- Content creation, Print production and distribution


Collaboration management for research consortia
Structuring of newly (to be) established research collaborations and management of 'virtual organisations'.
- Management and partners' coordination
- Corporate communications and outreach
- Dissemination and reporting


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We are located in the heart of The Hague, near the historic centre. (see route description)

Publimarket B.V.
Nieuwe Uitleg 29
2514 BR The Hague

Phone +31 70 356 1534
Fax +31 70 356 0349


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